Thursday, April 21, 2011

Busy Busy

It has been over a month since I last posted. Goes to show how busy working full time, being a mom, and wife can be.

I am slowly getting oriented to my new position as an Activity Director. Since my last post the facility had it's annual state inspection. Unfortunately I was unable to fix the years old problems in the activity departments documentation prior to the states visit. So, that is how I have been spending my time. Learning how to write a plan of correction and following through with the plan of correction.

So, I've been feeling the stress of not being home with my family. Sometimes, I feel like I never see my daughter except for combing out tangles in her hair a 630 in the morning, and then again as we rush getting ready for bed. These are common feelings in moms who work outside the home. I call it Mother Guilt. The guilt I feel not being able to give as many hugs or kisses as I would like during the day, having to choose between my daughter being sick and my job, having to let daddy take her to her classes, missing out on fun little outings with my family because I've got to much housework to do.

I chose to go back to work, knowing I would have Mothers Guilt. All mothers do, we just have to learn to deal with the guilt.

Do you ever experience Mothers Guilt?

I hope to discuss in my next post about activity documentation, when and what should be done.